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Choices [Instant Star - Jamie/Jude, PG]

Jude, Jamie, brief appearances by Peagan, Tommy
Notes: Song lyrics are ‘Still Hurting’ from ‘The Last Five Years’. Requested by futuremrskristurn over at the DLS boards. I haven’t done a song fic in a long time – did this turn out okay?
Summary: They made their choices.


Taking off to Thailand with Tommy was a horrible idea. Only now could Jude see it. Of course, hindsight is always twenty – twenty. She thought Tommy really loved her. His words, his actions – everything was finally falling into place. Everything was right. She was going to get the man of her dreams and her best friend was just going to understand – right? He had the new label. He had – he had other things to live for. But Tommy? Tommy was Jude’s everything. She couldn’t live without Jamie, but she couldn’t even breathe without Tommy.

Jamie is over and Jamie is gone
Jamie's decided it's time to move on
Jamie has new dreams he's building upon
And I'm still hurting//

That is, until she walked into their hotel and caught Tommy and the dancer from the hotel restaurant in bed naked. She screamed, she yelled, she cried. But then she was done. She didn’t need Tommy for her music. He wasn’t going to be forced on her by G Major. She was going home and he wasn’t going to leave that girl for her.

So she packed up and was on a plane the next day. She fired off an email to Jamie, knowing he’d be there to pick up the pieces. Jamie was her rock. Jamie was the one she needed. Jamie and her would make music together. They’d live happily ever after. Because a girl could only allow herself to be this stupid in love for so long.

Jamie arrived at the end of the line
Jamie's convinced that the problems are mine
Jamie is probably feeling just fine
And I'm still hurting//

When she came home, Jamie wasn’t there. He wouldn’t answer his phone, wouldn’t respond to her emails. No one seemed to know where he was – once Jude had left, he’s just – stopped coming around. So finally she tracked down Paegan and found that Jamie was following a new act to London in order to woo them to their label. He let Jude use his phone so he’d answer. And he did.

He wasn’t interested in coming home. He wasn’t interested in Jude following him. Jude had made he choice, and it wasn’t him. He was done waiting around. He’d fallen in love with Lisa, the lead singer. They were getting married. They were going to live in London. He was going to work for Peagan from there.

No. He never wanted to see Jude again. She made her choice, and he made his.

What about lies, Jamie?
What about things
That you swore to be true
What about you, Jamie
What about you//
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